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Markets as a whole are like the private shops of self-employed individuals!”

You may have heard of how a powerful ascending trend got reverse concurrent with the last good news?! Or, you may have heard of markets which are not affected by bad news anymore, are prone to a sudden bull!

Dancing whales cause markets’ jumps and cojumps…

The concept of dancing whales in the markets (as an investment ocean), refers to the big and simultaneously smart money transactions! Like whales, this amount of capitals have always been capable of stimulating markets’ moves. Indeed, the term ‘smart’ is applied due to intelligent dancing/playfully movements of whales in the ocean. This phenomenon, besides being eye-catching, mathematically is like the waves created by big trading capitals so-called big whales. Considering time-frames in the investment world, the dancing whales are categorized as sudden jumps and may contribute to cojumps -in a mathematically dancing process- which we are expert to distinguish them sufficiently soon to gain capital with the shortest periods.
By absorbing the energy which is omitted by whales and dolphins (big and smart money, respectively), we catch the effects of latent information behind the scenes, which is owned by well-informed speculators.

The ultimate outcome will be surfing -like the surfers- on the markets’ jumps and cojumps with minimized liquidation risks.

How Do We look at the Markets?

Due to the intrinsic ability of financial markets to permanently fluctuate, they are exposed to absorb external information and to adapt themselves with recent drivers. Alongside external effects, some internal effects which are produced by internal transactions of the markets’ constituents cause permanent fluctuations. These phenomena may seem to be not intelligent and seem not rationally goal-oriented. however, all constituents’ activities, altogether, may seek a holistic behavior. Some constituents follow these collective behaviors severely and some may not. But, general resultant consequents to some collective phenomena.

Indeed, why markets should be affected by these kinds of events? Frankly speaking, our life has diverse dimensions which are sharing information with each other. Due to the phenomenon of sharing these ever-changing information, our life in some aspects/dimensions can be predicted by information in other aspects/dimensions. Honestly refer to your life when you are feeling somehow peacefully, things around you go well and people prefer to hang on with you, to spend time with you, to share nice moments with you, to pay more to you and so on.

Our Promise:

Our trading strategy is based on jump following and the platform warns market sudden jumps sufficiently before emergence. Due to this, traders will gain profit by taking a trading position, and after occurring jump, they will close the trading position. Aforementioned jumps, may emerge in different time-frames. Fore instance, jumps which occur in approximately some seconds, minutes, hours ,… in high frequency real-time data.
To clarify our platform’s performance toward market forecasting, we are proud to state that we have provided a test screen which presents our predicted movements against actual movements. In this area, you can compare time-lag between our algorithmic forecasting / prediction with movements instance.
It is worthy to mention that, our fields of trading include markets such as FOREX, equities, cryptocurrencies and derivatives (as Futures, Forward, Swap and options as a whole).
Definitely, your personal goal is to gain more and bear less risk. Our algorithm computationally considers risk management and is ideal for risk averse individuals.
Furthermore, to evaluate the rate of success of the algorithm, you can individually run the algorithm for an arbitrary interval which you prefer. Meanwhile, you can also run algorithmic trading by any other algorithm, indicator, oscillator or any other measures which you prefer as baseline. So, feel free to compare us with any measure which you have in mind, and let us know your comments.
Some other ordinary benefits of our methods are as following:
– In addition to price chaotic behavior, we have added chaotic behavior of trading volume to our algorithms. This is so important, because it enables individual and institutional investors to get a buy and sell positions with ideal investment trading volume. Because they can distinguish the amount of trading volume which they can translate in a relaxing manner, so they will not caught in a certain stock.
– Applying our methods helps traders in selection of bid and ask prices. Our platform can predict how much a trader need to compensate spreads. Simultaneously, traders will be aware whether or not the ordered price in bid or ask leads to transaction or not. So they will not need to continuously trace movements and not to be worried about missing the chance of transactions. Accordingly, they will enter in a trading position at an ideal price and volume.

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Hossein Bayani

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