Ehsan Azadbakh

I have been active in financial and business management of railways transportation for 15 years. Also, I am experienced in public and customers relations.

Birth Date: 8th July 1980
cell phone: +989122962621

Educational Background:

MSc. in Statistics

Professional Courses:

  • ISO Management
  • Planning and Budgeting

Profesional Background:

  • Financial Manager in Barfareh Co. (2003 till 2014)
  • Chairman in Saiman Sanat Kia Co. (2007 till 2009)
  • CEO in Saiman Sanat Kia Co. (2009 till 2011)
  • Chairman in Saiman Sanat Kia Co. (2011 till now) (Holder/owner of 49% of Shares)
  • Member of the Board in Bita Sanat Reili Co. (2012 till now)
  • Holder/owner of 30% of Shares in Barafareh Co.


  • Member of Engineers Association of Global Communication
  • EFQM
  • Human Resource Strategic Planning
  • Industrial Management
  • -Continual Improvement Process

Foreign Language:

English (moderate)