Talk: Network analysis of Farsi Twitter users in 2021 Iranian presidential election


The rise of social media accompanied by the Covid-19 Pandemic has instigated a shift in paradigm in social events from the real word to social media. This paradigm shift is particularly observed in the presidential campaigns for 2021 Iranian election. Unlike the previous presidential elections, there is a decrease in physical events and advertisements for the candidates in turn for an increase in online activities from the campaigns. Farsi Twitter played a specific role, as it became the platform for creating political content. Our investigations revealed that the discussion network in Farsi twitter about 2021 election is heterogeneous and polarized, however, unlike other elections, supporters of the candidates are very close together and ”Anti-voters” who endorse boycotting the election are at the opposite end of the discussion. Furthermore, high presence of bot activity is observed among the most influential users in all of the communities involved.

This talk will be held on May 1st at 10:30 A.M IRST.

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