complex networks: first step to social media analysis

Complex Networks

First step to social media analysis


The rapid increase of social media users alongside the remarkable amount of time each user spends on these platforms has made social media a prominent and impactful factor in our lifestyle and in reshaping societies. In this event, you would get a fundamental understanding of how social media affects our lives, and how we can investigate its role in important social and personal phenomena. You will be introduced to the basics of data gathering, particularly from Twitter, be trained in one of the best and most popular network visualization tools, called Gephi, will be introduced to the importance of text and sentiment analysis in addition to its technical challenges, and finally,  use real data to familiarize yourself with the text analysis process and participate in creating one of the first labeled databases in Farsi.

Before you register:

  • Please bring a fully-charged laptop and download Gephi and Harry Potter’s Graph before the event.
  • Snacks are provided during breaks(lunch is not included).
  • All of the participants will be certified.
  • This event will be held in Farsi.

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G. Reza Jafari

Physics Department, and Cognitive Science, SBU

EconoPhysics, Complex Networks, Sociophysics, Network science

Parham Moradi

Data Science, Computational Social Sciences & Complex System

Saeedeh Mohammadi

Researcher in Computational Social Sciences at Center For Complex Networks and Social Data Science

Amirhossein Pilehvarian

Parsa Bigdeli

Researcher in Network Science at Center For Complex Networks and Social Data Science



An introduction to Social NetworksReza Jafari10:00-10:35
Urgent path to Data GatheringParham Moradi10:35-11:10
Gephi: Visualize your network Saeedeh Mohammadi11:30-12:30
Lunch Break12:30-13:30
The smiley face crisis: Why sentiment mattersParsa Bigdeli13:30-14:10
Sentiment Analysis WorkshopThe Twitter Team14:10-16:10
How “Hey SIRI” works(NLP)Amirhossein Pilehvarian16:30-17:10


 Datasets & Softwares

Click the button to download Gephi:

Click the button to download Harry Potter’s Graph: