Collective Behavior

Due to the intrinsic ability of financial markets to permanently fluctuate, they are exposed to absorb external information and to adapt themselves with recent drivers. Alongside external effects, some internal effects which are produced by internal transactions of the markets’ constituents cause permanent fluctuations. These phenomena may seem to be not intelligent and seem not rationally goal-oriented. however, all constituents’ activities, altogether, may seek a holistic behavior. some constituents follow these collective behaviors severely and some may not. But, general resultant consequents to some collective phenomena.

Indeed, why markets should be affected by these kinds of events? Frankly speaking, our life has diverse dimensions which are sharing information with each other. Due to the phenomenon of sharing these ever-changing information, our life in some aspects/dimensions can be predicted by information in other aspects/dimensions. Honestly refer to your life when you are feeling somehow peacefully, things around you go well and people prefer to hang on with you, to spend time with you, to share nice moments with you, to pay more to you and so on.